Monday, September 19, 2016

Is Gun Shooting Being Replaced By Bombings?

A person placed a bomb inside a garbage dumpster in Manhattan recently. There were no deaths or injuries after the explosion. However, it appeared as if people did not show any fear that their lives were endangered. Instead, people acted as if a bomb explosion was a normal everyday activity.

The bomb exploded inside a garbage dumpster on a public street. Could you image a person walking into an underground subway station and placing a bomb inside a trash can on a subway platform? How do you prevent people from placing a bomb in a trash can in an underground subway station?

Making a bomb is easy because anyone could find the directions on the Internet. It’s confusing as to why people could find directions on the Internet on how to make a bomb to endanger the safety of the public. Why do people have desires to build bombs with intention of endangering the safety of other people?

There has been an ongoing argument with gun control and shootings with the National Rifle Association (NRA), but how do you establish bomb control to prevent future bombings?

List of Terrorist Incidents, 2016

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Staten Island Ferry Now Uses GPS

The New York City Department of Transportation has installed a real time GPS screen inside the St. George Ferry Terminal last month so passenger's can track the ferry's exact location.

Seriously, does the Staten Island Ferry really need a GPS when there is already a schedule on the wall listing departures, there's a dispatcher in a lower floor office who makes public announcements as to when the next ferry will arrive or if the ferry may be late, so why do we need a GPS for?

Anyone who has traveled on the Staten Island Ferry as long as I have already knows that the boat may have an occasional late arrival, normally caused by the tankers who transport truck trailers causing the boat to detour, thick fog that prevents clear see-able vision forcing the boat to travel more slowly, and weekday rush hours are the worst because it takes forever for people coming home from work to exit the boat. It takes longer then 5 minutes for 3,000 people to exit the boat.

If the New York City Department of Transportation believes it may help, so be it. I'm just an elderly gentleman who does not need a computer to do everything all of the time.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Icy Roads Caused a 15 Car Accident

This weekend had the worst weather thanks to freezing temperatures and icy roads. A newspaper reported that icy roads caused a 15 car accident on Clove Rd and Richmond Rd. Drivers and officials on scene blamed the icy roads for the accidents. The first reported accident was around 7:20 am, and the newspaper reported that sanitation trucks started salting the roads around 9 am! If the national weather service predicts bad weather in anyway, I would expect trucks to be salting roads on the previous evening. This would make a good legal case for lawyers looking for cases.

I also read that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey decided to close three bridges due to icy roads, with all the bridges that this agency owns and operates, they decide to close the bridges connected to Staten Island. I can understand that icicles on bridge support beams may fall unexpectedly and hurt people, but why this agency closed only three bridges in the city is a mystery. The cost of bridge tolls is high enough, having no trucks salting their bridges makes it worst.



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MTA Introduces New Courtesy Campaign

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is planning to introduce a new campaign expected to encourage riders to show more courtesy and respect toward their fellow riders. Standing Clear of Doors, Removing Backpacks on Crowded Trains and Using Only One Seat are some Reminders Customers will See Starting in January.

Some of these reminders do sound understandable in one way. Standing clear of subway doors so riders may first exit the train would make travel much easier. Removing backpacks on crowded trains sounds like a good reminder as well, but it may be looked upon as another method to get more people into a subway train, as if there are not enough people in our trains already. The Using Only One Seat reminder could become a sensitive issue. For example, adults traveling with little children may be encouraged to have children sit on their laps while on trains. How about obese or overweight people, remember when police officers wrote tickets to obese people for taking up more than one seat on a bus or subway.

The MTA certainly deserves credit for their effort in trying to improve the transportation services in order to make their riders travel more enjoyable. Regardless of how many attempts the MTA makes to improve our transportation system, the true factor behind these attempts is how people react to the attempts, and we will just have to wait until next year to see how successful this campaign shall be.



NYPD: Two Officers Shot, Killed in Ambush Attack

The most disturbing news anyone could hear was about two New York City Police Department officers being shot by a man who apparently approached their patrol car, took out a gun and immediately killed both of them in seconds. The man apparently ran off and entered a New York City Subway Station where he took his own life with his own gun.

There have been large crowds of people protesting in public streets demanding justice, making accusations that people are victims of abuse and crime based on their skin color. People have the right to protest, and our law enforcement agencies are obligated to protect the people's rights to protest peacefully and respectfully. But it appears that these protests are becoming more violent every day, and people are acting less respectfully during these protests.

One good example of disrespectful actions was when protesters walked onto the Staten Island Expressway, bringing all traffic to a complete stop. This was not a smart thing to do, what would happen if an emergency vehicle had to respond to a call considered as "Life or Death" situation?

These complaints about people being abused or crime victims based on their skin color is understandable, but is it considered justified when an innocent person is abused or attacked just because they work for the New York City Police Department? One thought that seems to have became lost in people's mind is that "you cannot blame the entire police force for the mistake of one person." If people wish to continue protesting, so be it.

But city officials should step in and request that all protests must be done peacefully and respectfully, or they shall not be allowed to happen.



No Justice! No Peace! Not True!

Early this morning there were ongoing news reports about protesters in New York City. There must have been over 10,000 people marching in the streets carrying banners, flags, signs, and blowing loud whistles. The normal everyday traffic flow was being interrupting as marchers walked where ever they wanted. Could you image driving in your car on Sunday morning and suddenly you are forced to stop your car as protesters are blocking the streets as they walk by, maybe for an hour or even longer.

Protesters walked the streets shouting the words "No Justice! No Peace!" in response to the ongoing problems that People of Color have been experiencing, including discrimination, racial profiling, and abuse from law enforcement officials. Everything appeared to be going nicely until suddenly I see actions of destruction, hate, and violence among protesters on my television. As protesters walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, one person picks up a garbage can and attempts to throw it over the fence, which would cause major injury to anyone on the lower level. A police officer grabbed the person and managed to take the garbage can out of his hand and then attempt to arrest him, and other protesters are now attacking the police officers! Two New York City Police Officers experienced minor injuries and one police car was badly damaged.

The purpose of people wishing to protest is logical and understandable because every human being has a right to be treated fairly and respectfully, but it certainly makes no sense to see all these people demanding justice and peace when their actions are entirely opposite. Attacking people (in this case a police officer) is certainly not justice, and damaging private property is not a sign of peace. It's easy to assume that protesters are either confused about their intentions or not aware that their actions are causing more harm than good.



Staten Island Railway

I read an article in the Staten Island Advance this morning regarding the Staten Island Railway and its poor performance. I agree with some remarks in this article and find disagreement with other remarks in this article.

I could understand some remarks from people who depend on the Staten Island Railway who must take the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan and even a subway to their destination. I would also like to remind readers who may not be aware that the Staten Island Ferry is owned and operated by the New York City Department of Transportation, and not the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, so one should expect that two separate agencies are not always going to work successfully with each other.

New York State Senator Diane Savino did a report on the MTA, which makes me wonder if there have been attempts to improve the quality of service on the State Island Ferry. I have witnessed many days when the Staten Island Ferry is not on time during the weekday rush hour since it takes more than five minutes for (maybe up to 3,500) riders to left the ferry. Seriously, is it the fault of the MTA when the Staten Island Ferry has a late arrival? Why should the MTA be forced to have their buses and railway wait for a Staten Island Ferry that cannot operate on scheduled time?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently held a public hearing at the College of Staten Island on December 10, 2014, and I was not impressed with the small attendance. Maybe the location was inconvenient or some people decided not to attend, which was sad because that would have been a good opportunity to share your comments and thoughts.

One suggestion that I would offer the MTA is that they be more educational and transparent to the public who may not understand how buses and subways work. My personal thoughts of the MTA may be different then other people because I have been a transportation addict since high school and believe that I have a more understandable vision of how this system works. The communication and team efforts between the MTA and Public certainly need major improvement.